Wednesday, January 5, 2022


My uncle died

I had very little relationship with him

because he had relations with me

when I was very little

He was the angriest person I knew

Except for me

Now I am left 

Desperately trying not to carry on that legacy

Anger is a virus

that my whole family carries

Living on lies and conspiracy theory

and passing without a vaccine

My uncle died

His heart failed him

'cuz he never learned 

to have one

I dont know 

if anyone ever gave him one

The only thing I do know

is that they gave him this sickness

They spread it all around

to the next generation

A legacy of literacy

in hopeless disassociation

My uncle died

Maybe I will feel something

if I keep repeating it

but I don’t

I dont even feel angry

Not a smidgen of relief

Not a sniffle

Or even a tickle in my throat

I started lifting weights

to strengthen my spine

to carry around this virus

and make sure it remains all mine

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