Friday, September 18, 2020

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Fireflies hover just above the green

their position indicated 

by the symphony of unpredictable 

The diminishing distance 

between pairs

in the increasing dim 

becomes unseen

Longing in the dark 

sparks the brightest light

Cicadas sing 

in out of sync cadence

Scattering patterns of 

sound wave traffic 

intersecting circles 

of amplified kaleidoscopes 

Turning tall stands of trees

into nightclubs of whispering 

House music

Flickering shadows 

of black bat ballerinas

dance around near misses 

Twisting gracefully 

at every last second of reckoning 

Improvisational sensitivities 

of Nina Simone 

Lusting for blood 

before going home

The pulse of molecular mapping

swirls around us 

in a persistent vortex 

of natural organization 

A grand master plan 

of invisible blue prints 

Usually, only, always 

my own lack of vision 

renders me miserable

Flocks of birds

float through my line of sight

They coast across the currents 

of atmospheric ocean

Feathers resting upon 

planes of transparent astral motion

Swimming like schools 

through heavenly pools of flight

Faith is like learning to fly

All we have 

is the very thin concept of air

The elusive abstract omnipresence 

of everywhere 

The invasive antimatter vacuum 

of nowhere 

Even, especially, specifically when 

we cannot see it 

It does not mean that it isn’t there

Monday, September 7, 2020