Monday, October 19, 2015

It will only last for a few moments

It is a shame
that no one can see
the reveling that is taking place
as I sway slow with myself
in this rocking chair
No one can see 
but me
Then again 
maybe it isn't for anyone else to see
Just me
It's a shame that no one can hear 
the synchronized rhythm being kept
by the ticking of the clock 
the creaking of the floor
the tapping of my toes
and the gorgeous silence that lies beneath
Could be music to my ears only 
The very ones that need to hear 
has nothing to do with feeling lonely
It's a shame that no one can feel 
the depth of breath 
that I am taking in
The length of exhales
that flow out
with the most peace I have felt
in a very long time
So I am keeping it
It will only last for a few moments
and it is mine
For I am done
for other people 
to conclusions 
off cliff edges 
If you would like to see me
find glorious moments with me
then you know where I am
It has been a long year 
An even longer road
I am halfway through my life
I refuse to chase after time anymore
It can chase after me for a change
the chase
Within this fleeting calm
that I savor
is more vast an ocean of passion
than even Einstein could imagine
Within this loyal, beating heart
that I listen to
is enough fire to burn through to the coming reincarnation
Within this motionless gaze
that willingly meets yours
in the absence of shame
is a soul that moves
Towards you
With you
Against you
Under you
Over you 
Inside you
Through you
Most importantly
Next to you
and if not
then Past you
when you are not looking
Even while my body rocks
inside long awaited stillness
If you cannot meet me
right where I am
with compassion 
and empathy
No judgement
No requirements
No lines to be drawn
If you cannot meet me
in the blissful
then I will slip by
beyond the noise you bring
and it will be a shame 
for you will not know
until it is too late
I will be gone
and once again
no one will see the reveling 
that is taking place 
as I sway slow with myself
in this rocking chair
no one will see 
but me