Monday, February 1, 2016

rose garden

Love left a potted rose plant 
at my door today
as a house warming gift
The note attached 
my first welcome home
Small delicate flowers
gossamer pink
surrounded by intense veridian 
Slowly the leaves have died
brown creeping up the stems
the blossoms have dried 
and fallen
The light from my windows is not strong enough 
my winter sun not warm enough 
The water and soil supplied
isn't nurturing enough
I sing to her
but it must not be in the language she speaks 
for she is unresponsive
I cannot 
her heartbeat
I don't know what she needs
I wish I knew what to feed her
The blossoms on my friends cheeks
were surrounded by veridian bruises 
back in highschool
Backwards backwoods teaching
about what happens when you speak your mind
or dare to be who you are
She dared to come out first
Bravely payed the price for the rest of us
but I still carry the punching bags around in my mind
Southpaws of cynicism 
stealing idealism
from the possibilities
of delicacy 
soft pink that could blossom 
within my thoughts instead
I keep trying to
bob and weave 
my way out of that jaded corner
My hands up at all times
Trying to anticipate 
the knockout clock
that keeps me in wait
I am in the midst 
of my match
I am trying so hard to 
turn over those veridian leaves
Inspect the anatomy of the tender underbelly
within those exposed veins is the new language to be learned
Soft cillia that whisper sweet nothings 
and nothing is sweeter than gentle fingertips
but pretty hard to handle such fragile foliage
with boxing mitts on
Golden gloves are revered with pride
but they are heavy
A weight that taints
the sugar bowl
which was full to begin with
but what do I do with soured sugar
I am tired of drinking lemonade
It doesn't make the roses bloom
I am tired of fighting with my mind
It doesn't make my house a home
I am tired of having blood on my knuckles
I would rather push them into the dirt
How do I switch from defense to offense 
Must I swing my way out 
Sound the bell
Round is over 
Please Let me exit the ring
This greenthumb is meant for more than just 
bringing back the dead
Sweet rose plant is still alive
and this champ 
wants to plant 
a rose garden