Wednesday, January 5, 2022


My uncle died

I had very little relationship with him

because he had relations with me

when I was very little

He was the angriest person I knew

Except for me

Now I am left 

Desperately trying not to carry on that legacy

Anger is a virus

that my whole family carries

Living on lies and conspiracy theory

and passing without a vaccine

My uncle died

His heart failed him

'cuz he never learned 

to have one

I dont know 

if anyone ever gave him one

The only thing I do know

is that they gave him this sickness

They spread it all around

to the next generation

A legacy of literacy

in hopeless disassociation

My uncle died

Maybe I will feel something

if I keep repeating it

but I don’t

I dont even feel angry

Not a smidgen of relief

Not a sniffle

Or even a tickle in my throat

I started lifting weights

to strengthen my spine

to carry around this virus

and make sure it remains all mine

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Foxes dance their way

through the landscape

Luring our gaze 

as far from the den as possible

Slime molds slide 

their neon lace

Seductively over the surface

though usually underground

Stars shine light so bright

crossing billions of years of space

Yet we can only see them

in the dark.

People often seek to find

But it is rarely what we do

I think of all the things I so need to say

And cant seem to push words out of my mouth