Saturday, March 30, 2019

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hard hearted

Ain’t it funny 
how we don’t notice 
pieces of our heart are frozen 
until they begin to melt 
I didn’t know 
the snow storm started
until I was buried
I didn’t see 
that I was so guarded
until I found a lock on the gate
I didn’t feel 
the tightness strung 
through the holes in my chest 
until someone else
loosened the laces

Aren’t we supposed to hear 
whispers of the universe?
The soft rhythm 
of a zipper in the dryer
The hard hearted 
are often blind and mute 
but not deaf
Everyone knows the right song 
when it’s played 
I am not a fan of heavy metal music
But it seems to take that kind of sound
in order for the order of things
to get my attention

I am dizzy 
from all these rotations 
around the sun
How much energy 
am I exerting 
just trying to hold still?
I often feel the need 
to push against something 
or someone 
so I don’t fall down
I hope I can learn 
to become a wave upon the ocean 
Instead of an iceberg out to sea