Sunday, September 19, 2021


Hello Dad

It is my belief that in this life

one of the only real points of it

is to get to know each other

To come to agreement 

is unrealistic 

and rarely ever achieved

even amongst the deepest connection

There have been a few souls in this life

that I so desperately wanted to know 


But those were not the cards that were dealt

Those souls I did not have agreements with

but knowing them 

was so fulfilling, so ecstatic, so much better 

than agreement

So when you tell me

that maybe there are

certain things

that I don’t want to hear

It doesn’t allow me 

the privilege 

of possibly 

getting to know you better

It doesn’t extend an invitation

to share certain things

that I think

maybe you don’t want to hear

We don’t have to have agreement

to talk to each other

in fact, as you are surely aware 

we rarely ever do

Think of how much more we could hear

Think of how much more we could say

How much more could we laugh

How much more could we cry

I am tired of feeling tired

I think its possible to peacefully disagree

Everyone is right and everyone is wrong

It would be nice to try something new

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