Thursday, July 15, 2021


It’s amazing how 

a giant bear

can sleep inside for years

More silent than 

a tiny mouse

you never knew 

was there


by circus men 

lion tamers

and gypsy violins

A chain around her neck

and a tasseled red cap 

upon her head

All the years of being trapped

living in captivity

Her docile calm proclivity 

obedient passivity 

was just sophisticated 

well maintained 

stockholm syndrome 

Treats of candied apples

are fine and dandy 

Applause for tricks are trade

but sooner than later 

love will fade

with one too many jerks

upon the chain

Nature made those claws and teeth

They were not meant for your parade

If she can’t roam 

and find a home 

all on her own

Her spine will stand up straight and tall

And her paws will reach out and snap yours

A roar will drown out all your screams

standing on two legs

Her shadow will block out the sun

and when shes done 

those claws and teeth

will become

a wreathe around your neck 

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