Friday, November 8, 2019


Dark settles in just below my eyebrows
because the sunshine lands bright upon my forehead
Gentle warm caresses my eyelids heavy
Heavy sinks deep into the bottom of my sockets
drains throughout the pathways of my sinuses
flowing into my skull full of mad
This hot pessimistic neuron trance 
is soothed by the solar my bare head basks in
Hard headed to say where one ends and the other begins
Pleasure and pain blur together
A stone soup of emotional weather
A sharknado of defenses and accusations
My soft self is swept up in the wind
While my ego says “surfs up dude!”
My hurricane lasts about 3 days
You can survive just fine if you stay in the eye
but the rest of the world gets destroyed
Wade through the flooding and debree
Fires and uprooted trees
Foundations have crumbled
Powerlines jumbled 
There is no lack of electricity
It’s just not controlled anymore
Ripped free and returned to its lightening
randomly striking
running amuck in the dark
A few seconds of spark
gifting flashes of pathways
leading back to the edge of the clouds
where the sun is still shining

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