Monday, June 29, 2015 poem

I write 
a lot of love poems
sometimes I think 
all of them are 
Just love letters
love letters to each other 
I'm going to 
keep writing them 
I'm going to 
serenade the air with them
I'm going to 
fill my life with them
We get to 
love a few other souls
In this time that we are here
Before we 
move on to the unknown
We get to 
learn how to love each other
through learning how to love ourselves
We get to 
learn how to love ourselves
through learning how to love each other
Love lifts us
even if just for a moment
so we 
stand up straight and tall 
and see
that we 
truly are
And that is something 
that should not be left 
to sit in silence
All we 
really want to do is talk to each other
listen to each other
in as many different languages 
as we 
can learn
and my goal is to be 
a shameless polyglot
So I will not be 
about how many napkin verses I jot
about the singsong flowers I brought
about the jade polishing 
forked tongued stitching
velvet forging 
verbal battles I have fought
I will 
write them everyday 
Different ones
The same ones
rearranged ones
unchained and untamed ones
out-loud and with-out 
even one ounce of shame ones
secret and only floating on the wind ones
blushing and shaking
Anais Nin
insanely inflamed ones
Again and again
I will 
not end 
my time here
without making sure
that those whom I love
can be 
sure to 
hear me
I will 
repeat myself
Without tire 
Without regret
Lest they forget
I will 
endure the eye rolling 
the sarcastic smiles
the self conscious discomfort 
I will 
always remind them
by writing poems
Love poems
Love letters to each other
That will 
without doubt
pass through my lips
and my eyes
and my fingertips
All we 
have to do 
to love each other
is talk to each other
No detail spared
As long as it takes
As gently 
as you can imagine
For we 
are only here for a little while
We get to 
love a few other souls
In this time that we are here
For just a little while
So here is 
another poem
Another love poem 
Just another love letter
That I 
wrote for you

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