Thursday, August 29, 2019


Is grass supposed to smell like bleach?
Is air supposed to hurt your teeth?
Is sleep supposed to make you stiff and sore?
Are toddlers supposed to drink mountain dew 
out of a bottle?
Are dolphins supposed to die from plastic ingestion?
Why is the size of the allen wrench you need 
never the one you own?
Why would anyone make a toilet paper holder
that is tightened with an allen wrench?
Do rednecks really have to take their fucking shirt off 
for every picture?
Do rednecks ever have any muscle tone?
Does the dogshit bag always have to have a hole in it?
Are children supposed to be separated from their parents
and held in concentration camps?
Must every car I buy get scratched 
within the first two weeks I own it?
Do my richest clients always have to be 
the slowest ones to pay me?
How many white supremacists does it take
to turn on a light bulb?
How many days 
will my girl leave her socks 
on the bathroom floor?
Will my grandmother still remember me 
when I see her next?
Are the hardest conversations 
always put off the longest
sometimes until its too late?
Must the ones we love the most 
live the farthest away?
Will the freshly peanut buttered toast 
always land face down
on the floor
in dog fur?
Will I wake up grumpy every morning 
for the rest of my life?
If I am being a little bitch 
and my internal observer is aware 
that I am being a little bitch
and I have the tools and comprehension 
to stop being a little bitch
but I still cant stop being a little bitch
Will I be a little bitch forever?
If my beloved says me she loves me
tells me every day that I am beautiful
and says she will never leave me
Does she really love me?
Will she never leave me?
If I keep trying to be gentle
and learn how to love her better
trying not to hurt her
Will I never hurt her?
When the tornado passes through
destroying everything in its path
Will the birds still land 
upon the twisted branches
and sing to us in the morning?
Yes, they will.

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