Thursday, July 18, 2019


I have a strange superpower 
to be completely calm 
in the midst of the most insane 
metropolitan rush-hour traffic  
The crazier the bumper to bumper 
the more zen I become 
I think it frightens my passengers
because it’s like my body just surrenders 
to the complete lack of control 
I have over the situation  
My butt gets heavier 
my jaw relaxed
my senses acute  
I am concentration
I accelerate  
I break   
I weave through lanes
like young Michael Jordan 
in a playoff game 
I become a master of observation 
I can be in the middle of a city
under 3 layers of expressway ramps 
surrounded by semi’s 
in 6 lanes of traffic 
and pause
to marvel at the enormity of the machine 
the choreography of movement  
I easily release all expectations
combine minute quick reaction time 
with big picture strategy 
calculating moves 
faster than Bobby Fischer
I effortlessly maintain control of my emotions 
rarely lose my patience 
seldom ever panic 
go with the flow  
at home in myself
Fully present with buddhist mojo
If only I could do that with the rest of my life 
If only I could respond to everyone 
changing speeds 
changing lanes 
stopping hard
swerving sharp 
as gracefully 
as I do in traffic 
Maybe I have been in enough accidents to know
that you can hardly ever see the crash before it comes 
I wish I could maneuver through 
These 24 hour sun revolutions
the way I glide through traffic
Loosen this white knuckle grip 
on my egomaniacal sense of immortality
Fix this cracked windshield 
So I can see the opportunity 
to just play the game 
Stop the incessant anxiety driven 
useless insistence on prediction
and use my imagination 
Lighten the fuck up 
and just have some fun 
for a change 
Drive like my life depends upon it
because it’s quite possible 
that I only get one 

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