Monday, September 11, 2017

Let it.

Let love swallow you

Let it imagine you
Let it dream about you 
Let it look at you
Let it study you 
Let it admire you 
and want you 
Let it reach for you 
Let it touch you 
and feel for you 
let it smell you 
and let it inhale you
let its mouth water for you 
let it lick you 
let it take you between its teeth 
let it taste you 
let it saver you 
You damn well better savor it 
for you cannot predict 
when you might feast again
let it bite you 
sink it's teeth in
let it gnaw 
and scrape 
and tear your flesh a part 
Let it chew and gulp 
and gasp in between 
and grind you into a pulp 
that can be digested 
and then 
let it swallow you 

Let it take away your appetite 
or move your food through you 
whatever the case may be
the way that only love can do 
Let it make your head light
and your mind dizzy 
and your nights sweaty
allow it to engulf you in flames 
Walk the streets with your hair on fire
Don't hold anything back
for abandon is the fuel for desire 
Let it take you over completely 
let it wash away all of your sins 
Can I get an amen
let it rinse out all of your sorrows
in the moments that it can
and then let it drown you 
deep In its ocean
like buried treasure
Let it bury you 
deep in the ground 
so deep 
That the old you will stay there
and only the roots 
of the tallest trees 
can find you and pull you up
like new-trients 
until you are as high as the tips of the leaves again
Let it carry you to the moon and back again
let it take you over 
and pull you under
with the forces of tides 
that run like currents through your veins

Let it revere you 
and become dear to you 
Let it take your breath away 
fill your heart with play
Let it empty the sky of clouds 
and calm the water to its depths 
Let it make the world become clear to you 
even if for just a moment 
Let it fill the night with storms and wind
let it cut you to the core
Let it turn you into the most shameless whore
and liar 
and beggar 
and cheat
and thief 
Let it hurt you 
and desert you 
Let it crush you 
and flush you
with rage  
and jealousy 
and greed
and grief
Let it bring out the worst in you 
It's ok
because it will most definitely 
bring out the best in you 
and we can endure the worst 
if the best is yet to come
and it is
It always is
Let it float to the surface 
in the wake of the aftermath 
Let love rebuild your belief
that the best is yet to come 
It came to you 
It came from you 
Let it make you a prisoner of hope
let it grow you
and show you 
the next step 
when one foot in front of the other 
is all you can take

Let it make you 
by breaking you 
into teeny tiny little puzzle pieces 
that you have to put back together again 
let it find you 
let it lose you 
let it yearn for you 
Let it miss you 
and choose you 
let it thrill you 
and kill you 
let it skin you alive 
and eat you 
let it feed you 
plant seeds in you 
create needs in you 
let it see through you 
and free you 
let it fill you 
like the sound of a choir
and distill you 
like moonshine in a mason jar
let it walk with you 
and talk with you 
let it laugh at you 
and die with you 
let it live in you 
and cry with you
let it listen to you 
to it

Let it find you 
in your hiding places 
and unwind you 
from your twisted spaces 
Let it pull you apart
leaving you broken and open
time after time after time
and If it leaves
let it
Let it mourn you 
and you it 
Let it transform you 
and know that you have transformed it
and If it stays 
let it
Let it adorn you 
and you it 
Let it transform you 
and know that you have transformed it 
It comes and goes 
ebbs and flows
hides and seeks 
It sings and speaks
It's all we have 
and all that we are
When you find it
it can enfold you 
with gentle ecstasy 
lift you with electricity 
it holds the power 
to cocoon you 
and it holds the power 
to butterfly you 
let it.

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