Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Yea, though I walk 
through the valley 
of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
for thou art with me 
thy rod and thy staff 
they comfort me

But now is not the time 
for rods
or staffs 
or comfort
It is not the time to be swallowed 
to wallow in words of anger
that overwhelm you 
to let disbelief stop you in your tracks
Do not allow yourself 
to retreat into 
and self righteousness 
and fear

For unfortunately 
what we fear the most 
will come true  
Most definitely 
when we need it to 
And it is not that we must not fear it
It is that we must walk into it
Even when 
especially when 
we fear it

I realize the trouble Is
that it is hard to walk
When it feels like someone has been kicking you in the shins 
every time you take a step
But the trouble also is
the way every other country
has seen us 
which is that we are too comfortable  
No matter what our problem is 
in this country 
we are still 
more comfortable 
and well off 
than almost anyone else in the world  
I realize that this thought is not comforting
It is not our job to be more comfortable right now 
There are too many people 
Who have been too comfortable 
with too many things 
for too long
At this humiliating moment
This country is seen  
as the biggest clown car 
on the planet  
And at this suffocating moment 
It is all we can do 
to allow the new driver
to look like a clown 
and hope that very soon 
even his own followers will see
But in the mean time 
It is up to you and me
to show them what acrobats 
and tightrope walkers 
look like  
Show them what elephant trainers
and lion tamers 
look like  
Show them what respect and dignity 
and humility and compassion 
and selflessness and generosity 
and beauty and soul 
and love 
looks like
Show them what self love looks like
in the face of hate  
If you can
take that gentle cemented stand
Root your feet
and branch out your loving hands
you will show them 
how to love themselves 
Which is what was missing 
in the first place

Having a mother to protect us 
is a lovely thought 
It is a comfort  
Believe me when I say
I know what it feels like to want something so much 
you think your heart will explode
You think you will die without it
and in that moment 
when you know you cannot have it
the blackhole that surrounds you 
beckons like a comforting death
Sometimes comfort 
does not instill growth 
Sometimes comfort 
does not create change 
sometimes comfort 
breeds complacency and apathy  
2 things that have no place 
in the evolution of this human race 
No soul runs deeper than 
that of a motherless child
And hell hath no fury 
like a woman scorned 
And sometimes we forget
That being president 
of the United States 
is not the highest calling 
on the planet  
Being a mother is  
And a great mother once said 
it takes a village  
But she must have been meant 
for something greater 
and so are we
Let us not despair 
Let us not raise our tempers 
Let us not raise a hand
Nor rod
Nor staff
Let us raise a glass
Let us raise ourselves
Let us raise each other

Yea, though I walk 
through the valley 
of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil 
for thou art with me

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Kate said...

Amen. K. Lets do it.