Saturday, March 21, 2015


If you want to have
the patience
the endurance
the persistence
the impervious grit
that it takes
to make it to your truly desired destination
then you have to feed your soul
If the Lioness is restless
pacing in the cage
you keep her in
then she must be let out
to wander the sanded ground
slip and weave through tall dry grasses
to envision the prey she is created to stalk
If she roars in your chest
again and again
until your arms ache
and your throat is sore
better perk your ears  
you best listen
because that means the lioness
is hungry
and you must feed her
You best listen
so you can decipher her language of pursuit 
an invaluable interpretation
for it may tell you what she is longing for
You best listen
and take note
of the hour
sun or moon
in which the growling starts
in which the howling stops
it is in your best interest to anticipate the frenzy of feeding time
You best listen
so you know what direction
the feline screams may be going to
or coming from
You best listen
so you can tell
which wise the thunder is moving
as it circles around the landscape
You best listen
so you can feel
how close it is getting
gage the quickness of approach
the elevating volume
the speed with which the intervals reduce
For if you fail to listen
to the lioness
If you do not pick up the intimation of her reverberation
lack the sensitive perception of her palette
If you neglect to learn the rhythms of the midnight hunting hour
disregard the patterns of the trails she is wearing through
the roar will temporarly, unexpectedly, mysteriously dissipate
only the rasping of desperate panting remains
Exhaustion has set in
Voracity will take over
diminishing patience
determining the inevitable
For if the soul is not nourished
if the appetite is not satisfied
then the lioness will redirect her gaze
twist back around
and the path leading to the prey
may very well
take her right back to you

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