Monday, February 23, 2015


When the world around you gets too loud
When the information taken in makes you feel too full
When everywhere starts to look like nowhere

Go back

and listen to the whispers

When voices suddenly turn into shouting
When opinions start to rapidly multiply
When there are too many feet on the path

Slow down

and listen to the whispers

When wanderlust gets too wild
When the forks in the road won't cease division
When the brush becomes too thick for your machete 

Stop walking, and for gods sake, stop hacking

and listen to the whispers

When history becomes too heavy
When good advice starts to make you feel crazy
When the sounds of another's story stifles you 

Hold still

and listen to the softest, smallest, sweetest whispers

Please don't misinterpret
I value experience
I value wisdom
I value clarity
I value the universal
I value shared understanding
I am learning to be vulnerable
I am learning to be honest
I am learning to take care of myself
and I am learning to return to myself

For, I am doing it yet again
Looking to the 
for something 
that can only be found 
When my incessant search outside myself
for comfort 
for answers
for direction
for truth
for resolution
Leads me into the middle of nowhere
Leads me into a mindscape I don't know how to traverse
Leads me to the cliffs edge of my sanity 
Before I leap forward
I must step back
from the edge
for just a minute
I must place my hands upon my shoulders
Pull me gently onto solid ground
Slowly turn me around 
Take my face tenderly in both my hands
Cover my soft ears with my strong fingers
Close my eyes with soft kisses
Wrap my long arms around me
and sing to me

"Do you remember me"?
"Do you remember me"?
"Do you remember me"?

Whether I am right or wrong
does not matter
Whether I am good or bad 
does not matter
Whether I am smart or not
does not matter
Whether I am a pillar of reason and logic
or bat shit crazy
does not matter
I am all of those things and
I am none of those things
I just am
I know me
I trust me
All I need to do is listen
Always listen
Listen to the whispers
Do not forsake yourself
The whispers are there to help you
They ARE you
They always know what to do
They always know where to go
They always know the way home
and if I know the way home 
then maybe I can have the courage 
to turn back around
spread my wings 

and fly off the top of this mountain

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