Sunday, September 28, 2014


Sometimes the reflection
is easier to look at than the actual sky
When the water is still
details are clearer
colors are richer
light is less intense
The sky itself is so penetrating
the rays from the sun just a little too bright
The warmth is visceral and overwhelms you
The soft skin of the wind brushes your cheeks and holds your face
When the senses are stimulated it is distracting and impossible to see the experience objectively
On the other hand, 
why would you want to 
Experience is not objective
It's not logical
There is no formula 
It pulls and pushes in whatever way the want goes
and if you fight the current, you will drown 
Better to learn how to ride
Close your eyes
Let the moment carry you
Like a ripple that slides across the surface
Or a cloud that transforms with each gust
Or the dancing water diamonds that hypnotize 
Let the trance relieve you from the sky's imposition
But in the evening, or in the morning
when the luminance is soft
You will always return your gaze to the heavens
For the reflected illusion lays only on the surface
and the sky...
It holds no limits
Gets deeper 
the longer you look into it
Is renewed with every passing second
Is made of the very same thing that you are
And even when you turn away
it will always be there

Sept. 28th, 2014

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