Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ridin' the bus ... When I can't produce visual art, poetry comes out...hmm

We ridin' the bus
Nobody makes eye contact
but we all look at each other when the time is right
Sizin' each other up
Everyone sits within the safety of their own bubble
YouTube bubble, music bubble, texting bubble, apathy bubble, insecurity bubble
all these fragile little traveling bubbles
just tryin' to float somewhere
without gettin' popped
In the past we held futuristic ideas of individual transportation devices
assuming they would be external
Instead they plug into our ears and draw us inside
until no body sees no body
Except for that little girl
sittin' with her mama
She is watching me 
She is watching me watching
She is re-inventing time travel
Her existence is old fashioned
hearing the world swirl around her
her ears are unplugged
never averting her eyes
not ashamed of her own presence
or the strength of her stare
or the strength of mine
She and I
eyes wide open
we ridin' the bus

Completed in April, 2014

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brad said...

Awesome verse, keep up the good work.